Feb 15, 2021 • 17M

Episode #1 Crypto Wallets & Storage

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One of the questions I am asked most often when a person is just starting their crypto journey is, “where do I store my coins?” Followed by “How do I keep them safe?”

Honestly, the answers to both are complex and ever-evolving. After a coaching call last week, I created this Wallet & Storage Rabbit Hole landing page containing links to some of the sources I deploy for storage and security.

Wallets & Storage Resources Page

Over time and experience, you will develop your own style of storage using a myriad of methods that meet your financial goals, your technical abilities, and your comfort level with risk. This episode is merely a very basic introduction to the tools I use for storage and security.

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Please ask questions using the Ask Me button on the landing page to ask more questions! No question is too simple or too silly! Ask away!!

*I am not providing investment advice, I’m merely connecting you with carefully filtered information to empower YOUR research! My conversations are designed for beginners or those returning to the space. I am not an advanced trader. I was the CMO of a blockchain dev shop that took a giant shit along with the 2018 market. We specialized in NFT creation and smart contract deployment for the NEO blockchain.*