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One of my dharmas is taking complex technical topics and simplifying them for easy consumption through storytelling. As a former journalist, I consume an unhealthy amount of information and digest it through my expertly crafted filter and spit out simple theories, How-Tos and insights.

I empower YOU to understand tech and remove the roadblocks to implementation. I’ve worked in a multitude of tech spaces, from building websites to running blockchain dev shop’s comms. The intersections of humanity and technology fascinate me and I devote a fair amount of time exploring the various nuances of this intersection. I am particularly interested in helping people start their crypto journies, blockchain for social good, personal data rights and privacy, free speech, and dissent.

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As of 2/15/2021, the paid content is in the building process and a little limited at the moment, so if you’re still reading this sentence, you’ll have access to a weekly group Zoom Q+A session. My goal is to give you as much value as possible while I build this letter out! Once the letter grows, we’ll move the Zooms to a monthly event. The Telegram channel was launched 2/15/21 as well, so it’s a fresh channel for you to talk directly to me and find all the answers you need!

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Be part of a community of people who are also creating their own path to embracing crypto. Every journey into this technology different and totally up to the person traveling along this path. But having a group of fellow tech travelers to share your wins and losses with makes the journey much more human. There’s no FUD, crypto bros, lambo douche-canoes or misogyny allowed. This is a private and safe space for you to learn, connect and grow.

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